Mad River Coffee Roaster Room

Like many small businesses,

this one started at a kitchen table.

Dave pouring coffee at Mad River Coffee House
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White Mountains Coffee Roaster

The Mad River Story

After earning his degree in entrepreneurial management, David moved to New Hampshire knowing he wanted to start his own business. 

In 2001, he began experimenting with a small tabletop coffee roaster because he couldn’t find a coffee he enjoyed. It was always too bitter or acidic, upsetting his stomach. With his wife, Melissa, they began sourcing coffee beans from around the world and roasting them in their kitchen. Then, in the morning, they’d brew the freshly roasted beans and taste each sample. 

The research and development phase at Mad River Coffee Roasters was exciting for them. Did they try some bad beans? Sure. But, with every cup of coffee they tasted, they sunk deeper into a community rich in culture, ecology, and global responsibility.

By 2004, their hobby had expanded to a viable business idea and Dave and Melissa opened Mad River Coffee Roasters, offering their small batch roasted coffee beans to wholesale partners. After an exciting first year, in 2005, they opened Mad River Coffee House in Campton, New Hampshire.

Over the past 25 years,

Dave and Melissa have witnessed coffee trends move from blends to single origin, from super dark to ultra-blonde, and back again. They’ve spent decades researching, testing, and cupping coffee, to source the finest coffee beans from around the world and produce fresh, small batch roasts blended to be full-bodied, flavorful, and delicious.

Dave and Melissa believe in the “farm to cup” philosophy: That coffee isn’t just the place it’s served, but also the farm, people, culture, and socio-political factors surrounding the coffee growing regions.

Mad River Coffee is a community-centered business.

People come to Mad River Coffee to work, meet up for an adventure, or relax with friends over breakfast or lunch. The enthusiastic staff are just as excited to share with visitors their favorite swimming hole or ski trail as they are the newest coffee or drink special.

David and Melissa Levin, owners of Mad River Coffee in Campton, NH

We often find ourselves humbled by the number of people who walk through our front door. Thank you.

David and Melissa levin, owners, mad river coffee


Our Team

We are fortunate to have an amazing staff. From our bakers who arrive at 4 a.m. to our part time high-schoolers, they bring the fun every day. 

Our leadership team has helped us grow and expand beyond our dreams. We couldn’t do this without their support and teamwork.

Tina Hogan, Executive Chef, Mad River Coffee

Tina Hogan

Executive Chef

My love for cooking started very young with my mother as my role model. She was an amazing cook and I’m very grateful to have acquired this skill naturally.

My career started on fishing boats in California, taking me to the king crab industry in Alaska. It was an AMAZING experience. At 19, I moved from the open ocean to land to continue my life-long career in the food industry. This truly is my passion and I will remain here with my very special family at Mad River Coffee House until retirement sweeps me away!

My favorite way to drink Mad River Coffee is on my porch watching the sunrise with the birds.

Becky Nolan, Kitchen Manager, Mad River Coffee

Becky Nolan

Kitchen Manager

I worked my way through college as a barista here at Mad River Coffee and eventually became a line cook. In doing so, I fell in love with cooking and went on to become a sous chef in Buffalo, New York, where I’m originally from.

I loved the White Mountains area so much I came back to reprise my role in the kitchen–with a little more experience and a lot more responsibility!

My favorite way to drink Mad River Coffee is by a fire in the fall.

Paige Gadbois, Roaster, Mad River Coffee

Paige Gadbois


I’m the lead coffee roaster here at Mad River Coffee and I grew up in New Hampshire. 

My appreciation for local community, small business, and good people is what lead me to Mad River Coffee and what keeps me here. When I’m not roasting you can find me in the mountains or on the riverbeds trailing after a good dog. 

My favorite way to drink Mad River Coffee is outdoors.  

Meet the team

Cali Clarke

Front of House Manager