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Our Newest Coffee From the Congo: Mapendo

Have you tried our newest coffee Mapendo from the Democratic Republic of Congo? This single origin bean is from a new coffee wholesaler/importer, Mighty Peace Coffee. Their Mapendo (Swahili for Love) beans are sourced from the Muungano cooperative which is located in the South Kivu province. Along with North Kivu, the area is called the Africa Great Lakes. Most of the coffee coming out of the Congo is from this fertile and lush landscape. Mapendo farmers produce fully washed coffee that has been certified FTO since 2009.

Mighty Peace Coffee was founded in 2018. As a women-and-minority-owned social impact coffee company based in the U.S. They are introducing a new global trade model that takes care of people and the planet while promoting peace. The cooperative is large, with nearly 4,200 members, of which 40% are women and growers. Linda Mugaruka, head of Quality Control at Mighty Peace Coffee shared why Mapendo cups so beautifully. “Women make the difference with the attention and care they take on their farms. With such a high percentage of the members being women, this cooperative has an advantage.” Mighty Peace Coffee is serving farmers in the Democratic Republic of Congo by delivering epic specialty coffee to 84 U.S. coffee companies in 24 states with Mad River Coffee Roasters being one of them!

They believe a company which prioritizes love of humanity, the health of the planet, and service to communities will transform the industry and world, leaving a legacy we can be proud of. Their mission is one that we share and can really get behind here at Mad River Coffee.

“People: We uphold high labor standards, livable compensation, and invest significantly in local human capital everywhere we operate; from the Democratic Republic of Congo to the United States of America. Our policies favor farmer and worker fairness, capacity building leadership development, and enhancing democratic structures. We exceed Fair Trade standards and maintain equivalent certifications.

Planet: We are committed to practices that support soil health, biodiversity, and organic regenerative models. Our policies favor regenerative practices: conservation tillage, cover cropping, through which farmers increase the organic matter in soils over time to replenish the land and sequester the carbon from the atmosphere. Our practices and reforestation initiatives ensure that the environment is protected, leaving a healthy sustainable planet for generations to come

Peace: Peace depends on inclusivity, equality, sharing wealth fairly and transparently, and working intergenerationally valuing intersectionality. We advocate policy progress at the governmental and community level. Our peace cooperative partners provide sustainable economic opportunities for populations that have experienced conflict. We unite communities previously divided by violence and the instability of armed conflict. We provide support, education and opportunity to survivors.”

Chatting with our coffee broker at Mighty Peace, Gerra shared, “One of the largest but also simplest goals of Mighty Peace is to shed light on Congo as a significant coffee producing country. There is a ridiculous amount of coffee produced in this massive country. Conflict, corruption and economic instability has plagued the Congo for many years. Throughout it all, coffee has been grown and harvested and now, quality, consistency and variety has blossomed. It is time for specialty coffee to take another look at this region of Africa, and I joined Mighty Peace to help do that. With every bag we sell, every container we ship, we are helping to support farmers and their communities to rebuild the coffee industry in the Congo.”

Muungano is using the premiums from Fair Trade and additional funding from Mighty Peace and buyers to build a clinic in their community. It will serve the entire community and also offer specialized and dedicated medical care for women and children. The last update was the clinic has another year of fundraising to go and then will break ground and be fully functioning by the close of 2025. For many farmers in the Congo, coffee is the sole cash crop they grow and the one that has monetary value outside of the country. Luckily, coffee grows hardily and plentifully and the altitude, soil and growing conditions are ideal for specialty coffee.

Roasting Notes for Congo Mapendo;
Apple, Grape, and mulled spices.
Roast Level: light to bring out the juicy acidity.



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