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Sourcing and roasting beans beyond compare in beautiful Campton, New Hampshire, since 2005. Independently owned and operated.

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Wholesale Partnerships

Wholesale Partnerships

Are you looking for excellent wholesale bulk coffee for your business or organization? Mad River Coffee Roasters in Campton, New Hampshire, has a full line of specialty coffee that is just right for restaurants, hotels, cafés, ski areas, churches, college campuses, grocery stores, gift shops, corporate clients, and more.

We’re an approachable small-batch coffee roaster focused on quality blends that are low in acidity and full-bodied. We source our beans from producers around the world and have diligently practiced our craft to bring you fresh, small batch roasted single origin blends that delight the palettes of coffee drinkers new and old. It’s our privilege to share them with you and your customers.

Wholesale coffee orders are roasted fresh and packaged in valved 5 lb. bags. Orders are delivered on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Mad River Coffee Roasters coffee is also available in one-pound bags that you can retail to your customers. For orders exceeding 30 lbs. per week, we offer custom blending and co-branded labeling. Contact us for information.

Business Services

With more than 15 years of retail and wholesale experience, Mad River Coffee Roasters has practical operational experience in all aspects of the specialty coffee business, from sourcing beans to selecting equipment to staff training. Our goal is to help you succeed in bringing the best cup of coffee to your customers.

Mad River Coffee Roasters can work collaboratively with you to create a plan for your coffee business, including:

  • Café equipment selection
  • Design and set up
  • Hands-on practical training in all aspects of café operations
  • Product recommendations
  • Vendor information for cups, sugars, lids, and syrups

Become a Wholesale Partner

We want to learn about what you do–and how we can help. Complete the information below, and we’ll be in touch to discuss the possibilities. Thank you for your interest in partnering with Mad River Coffee Roasters!

    How many pounds per week do you serve (or plan to serve)?