Women Coffee Producers in Colombia

Marching Towards Gender Equality: The Remarkable Journey of Women Coffee Producers in Colombia

Colombia’s coffee industry is renowned for its quality and taste. However, for many years women coffee producers have faced numerous challenges related to land ownership, education, and compensation inequality. Despite these challenges, women have played a vital role in the industry development, and this March, we celebrate their achievements.
Women in Huila, Colombia, are playing an essential role in revolutionizing the coffee industry. One of their most significant contributions is the promotion of sustainable farming practices. Women have been instrumental in implementing environmentally friendly farming practices, such as using organic fertilizers and pesticides and practicing water conservation. By doing so, they have helped to preserve biodiversity and protect the environment for future generations.

In addition to their contributions to sustainable farming practices, women in Huila have also been instrumental in promoting social responsibility. They have worked to improve the lives of coffee producers in the region by providing access to education and training, promoting gender equality, and ensuring that coffee producers receive fair prices for their coffee.
Women coffee producers in this region have been establishing their farms and coffee businesses all while taking an active and leading role in local cooperatives. Women producers of this region have partnered with the Colombia El Desarrollo Coffee Growers Association. The Association is a group of coffee producers who are dedicated to promoting sustainable farming practices and preserving biodiversity in the coffee industry. They’re also committed to producing high-quality coffee, while ensuring that their farming practices are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.
The Association was established in 2003 to support self-sustainability and the economic, social, and cultural development of its producers. Specifically, El Desarrollo seeks to develop business projects that generate surpluses of high-quality, competitive, and environmentally sustainable products. In doing so, they work to improve the living conditions of their associates and support future generations.
El Desarrollo’s services reach 41 villages along the western slopes of the East Andes. These services include technical training and assistance, agricultural provision services, including a revolving fund for fertilization, coffee marketing, certification assistance, and strategic commercial alliances with a range of export companies.
El Desarrollo Coffee Growers Association owns and operates a local café called Mithayu Coffee Shop. The café is a project focused on the children of Association members, providing young people with opportunities surrounding products processed from the raw materials their own parents produced.
Colombia Café de Mujeres is an offering from the women producer-members of the El Desarrollo Coffee Growers Association. The coffee is grown in the municipality of Gigante, in East-Central Huila, between the West Andes and Matambo Hill along the Magdalena River. Mineral-rich volcanic soil supports lush forests. Café de Mujeres is grown between 1,300 and 1,900 meters above sea level in soils rich with volcanic ash. This coffee is fully washed, and sun-dried on patios sheltered by plastic roofs.
Notes: Orange blossom, honey, caramel, green grape, bright sustained finish.



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